BTC Transaction Accelerator

CoinEx cooperates with multiple mainstream mining pools to provide the fastest BTC transaction acceleration service.

Since the transaction acceleration cannot be cancelled after submission, please note that your payment is NOT REFUNDABLE.
How does BTC Transaction Accelerator work?
Estimate acceleration fee Paste or enter the transaction hash that you want to accelerate, and click "Estimate Price" to estimate the cost of acceleration. 01
Charge acceleration fee You may choose BCH or LTC as the payment method, and CoinEx will notify all partner mining pools once the acceleration fee is paid. 02
Complete transaction acceleration When a block is produced by any CoinEx partner mining pool, your transactions will be prioritized and accelerated. 03
Q1 What is BTC Transaction Accelerator?
Q2 How does BTC Transaction Accelerator work?
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Q7 Will it help speed up the confirmation if I pay more acceleration fees?
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